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We are glad to publish the first podcast in collaboration with Dr. Aref Malabarey (@3aaref), focusing on how and why should every emergency physician start incorporating echocardiography into his/her clinical assessments.

It is an invaluable tool that will change your way of thinking about so many clinical presentation and will definitely have great implications on managing some of your sickest patients.

So, stay tuned and remember: You will “ROCC’EM’!


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P.S. We’ll be publishing our podcasts on iTunes soon.


Something is “in the air”!

The past few months since we’ve started this project were just AMAZING!, we have learnt a lot and faced many challenges, some of which we managed to overcome and many are yet to be tackled, and with out a question my trainees are to be credited for the success and I’m to be held responsible for the shortcomings!

We think It is time for ROCCEM to move forward, and we are excited to announce that we have few updates coming up and new awesome additions, which we’ll start rolling out starting tomorrow night!

Over the next weeks and months, you’ll notice that the #FCR – “The Flip Side” – will have a different feel to it, as we’ll tackle even more challenging topics and start creating in addition to aggregating, curating and collating information!

We’ll also start rolling out a bi-weekly Q&A posts to highlight important key clinical points in Emergency Medicine led by Dr. Fahad Samarkandy, SBEM (@changingtehgame). But perhaps the most exciting addition is going to be a series of casts on the utilization of Echocardiography in EM & CCM made by the one and only Dr. Aref Malabarey, FRCPC, ABEM (@3aaref )!

So stay tuned for some real juicy goodness!



Hello from Dubai!

This marks the final day of #ESEM2014 Dubai, and what a conference it was!

Those guys have done an amazing job on all fronts, from the superb organizational aspects to inviting over 120 national, regional and international speakers!, not only that, they have created an excellent pre-conference workshop which spanned over two days, which included unique tracks, such as faculty development  and feedback chaired by Dr. Ken Doyle, ED ultrasound and for the first time in the region On Board Medical Emergencies chaired by two awesome emergency physicians Dr. Anna Carvalho & Dr. Vincent Poirier and so many more!

And, above all it was such a great reunion of McGllians!

It would have not been possible with out the AMAZING work that Dr. Saleh AlFaris, Dr. Ayesha AlMemari & Dr. Sara Kazim put into ESEM2014! So Kudos to them, for making a dream come true, and I would like to wish them all the best in their next ESEM Conference in 2015 Abu Dhabi.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to record my first ROCCEM cast! and who’s better than Dr. Ken Doyle to inaugurate ROCCEMcast!

So, till next time, thank you Dubai! for such a wonderful experience!


ROCCEM cast #1



EKG Quiz 1

My chest & back hurts doc!

45 Years old Male, Known for DM, presents with sever RSCP radiating to the back, diaphoretic, agitated, BP=125/65, Sat% unreliable, Temp= N/A, Glu= 20 mmol/l, RR=40

EKG 1 )


EKG 2)