Each week we’ll be asking and posting a question or a series of questions and relevant #FOAMed resources to assist answering them in part 1 of a blog entry. This is followed by a class room discussion session a week later to identify the latest and most current evidence based answers, which then will be posted as part 2 of the bolg.

Resources include and not limited to blogs, videocasts, podcasts and literature, which have been curated and identified as the best available in the #FOAMed world, relevant to the questions asked.

These Q & A blog entries will grow in number with time, and will be available for review and updates in the future.

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Assisstant Professor of Emergency Medicine - Critical Care Medicine at King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Head of the Medical Education Division at the Department of Emergency Medicine. -- Author, Founder & Cheif Editor of - 2016 ©
Abdulaziz AlMulaik

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