Suspecious Boo Boo’s!


Question 1:What are the definitions & types of child maltreatment/abuse?

Question 2: Whats are the current stats in Saudi Arabia? A reality check!

Question 3: What’s your approach?




To help answer these questions check the following resources:

(1) PEM ED Podcast.

(2) Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed.

(3) NICE.

(4) Adverse childhood experiences, chronic diseases, and risky health behaviors in Saudi Arabian adults: a pilot study. 

(5) The National Family Safety Program.

(6) Child abuse and neglect in Saudi Arabia: journey of recognition to implementation of national prevention strategies.

(7) Determining child maltreatment incidence in Saudi Arabia using the ICAST-CH: A pilot study.

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

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