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I’ve been a #FOAMed consumer for quite sometime now, and I have always wanted to be a contributor, but with the plethora of blogs, podcasts, video casts and the tens if not hundreds of fantastic emergency & critical care docs who are spending and have spent tremendous amount of effort, putting many hours into creating the world of #FOAMed as we know it today, it became quite challenging to even think about starting my own project!

But it took @srrezaie , @EM_Educator and the fantastic folks at “The international Teaching Course” in Baltimore, Maryland back in April of 2014  only one day to convince me that any body can do it and that it was worthwhile!

So, it begins here, and our mission is to bridge the gap between #FOAMed and emergency medicine residencies core curriculum, as we want to show our trainees when and how to break loose from all the constraints of classical teaching, as they embark into their future careers.

The ultimate goal is to create physicians who are capable of providing their patients with the most relevant, up-to-date & evidence based medical care.

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Assisstant Professor of Emergency Medicine - Critical Care Medicine at King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Head of the Medical Education Division at the Department of Emergency Medicine. -- Author, Founder & Cheif Editor of ROCCEM.com - 2016 ©
Abdulaziz AlMulaik

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