Something is “in the air”!

The past few months since we’ve started this project were just AMAZING!, we have learnt a lot and faced many challenges, some of which we managed to overcome and many are yet to be tackled, and with out a question my trainees are to be credited for the success and I’m to be held responsible for the shortcomings!

We think It is time for ROCCEM to move forward, and we are excited to announce that we have few updates coming up and new awesome additions, which we’ll start rolling out starting tomorrow night!

Over the next weeks and months, you’ll notice that the #FCR – “The Flip Side” – will have a different feel to it, as we’ll tackle even more challenging topics and start creating in addition to aggregating, curating and collating information!

We’ll also start rolling out a bi-weekly Q&A posts to highlight important key clinical points in Emergency Medicine led by Dr. Fahad Samarkandy, SBEM (@changingtehgame). But perhaps the most exciting addition is going to be a series of casts on the utilization of Echocardiography in EM & CCM made by the one and only Dr. Aref Malabarey, FRCPC, ABEM (@3aaref )!

So stay tuned for some real juicy goodness!


Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Abdulaziz AlMulaik

Assisstant Professor of Emergency Medicine - Critical Care Medicine at King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Head of the Medical Education Division at the Department of Emergency Medicine. -- Author, Founder & Cheif Editor of ROCCEM.com - 2016 ©
Abdulaziz AlMulaik

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