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Hello from Dubai!

This marks the final day of #ESEM2014 Dubai, and what a conference it was!

Those guys have done an amazing job on all fronts, from the superb organizational aspects to inviting over 120 national, regional and international speakers!, not only that, they have created an excellent pre-conference workshop which spanned over two days, which included unique tracks, such as faculty development  and feedback chaired by Dr. Ken Doyle, ED ultrasound and for the first time in the region On Board Medical Emergencies chaired by two awesome emergency physicians Dr. Anna Carvalho & Dr. Vincent Poirier and so many more!

And, above all it was such a great reunion of McGllians!

It would have not been possible with out the AMAZING work that Dr. Saleh AlFaris, Dr. Ayesha AlMemari & Dr. Sara Kazim put into ESEM2014! So Kudos to them, for making a dream come true, and I would like to wish them all the best in their next ESEM Conference in 2015 Abu Dhabi.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to record my first ROCCEM cast! and who’s better than Dr. Ken Doyle to inaugurate ROCCEMcast!

So, till next time, thank you Dubai! for such a wonderful experience!


ROCCEM cast #1





Question 1: How do you mange active epistaxis ?
Question 2: Is there any association between hypertension & epistaxis ?
Question 3: Is topical Tranexamic acid (TXA) effective in the treatment of epistaxis ?


To help answer these questions check the following resources:





EKG Quiz 1

My chest & back hurts doc!

45 Years old Male, Known for DM, presents with sever RSCP radiating to the back, diaphoretic, agitated, BP=125/65, Sat% unreliable, Temp= N/A, Glu= 20 mmol/l, RR=40

EKG 1 )


EKG 2)




Under pressure!



Question 1: What is hyperbaric O2 therapy?

Question 2: What are the indications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Questions 3: What are the contraindications and complications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?


To help answer these questions check the following resources:


1) The Under see and Hyperbolic Medical Society. UHMS

2) The Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s systemic review.

3) A well prepared PowerPoint presentation available directly on Google search by GASTON DANA, D.O.

Imaging & Diagnosis of Small Bowl Obstruction (SBO)


What works & what doesn’t in GI bleeds?


Question 1: What is the Evidence behind the use of NGT, PPI’s & Octreotide?

Question 2: When would you transfuse blood?

Question 3: When would you want to scope your patient?


To help answering these questions:

(1) NICE:

(2) NICE:

(3) How to Identify and Manage Massive Gastroesophageal Hemorrhage:


(4) SGEM#61: Blood on Blood (Transfusion Strategies for Upper GI Bleeds)

(5) Practical Evidence – Episode 5 – Upper GI Bleed Guidelines

(6) EMCrit Podcast 5 – Intubating the Critical GI Bleeder

(7) Thinking Critical –


(9) LITFL- EBM Upper GI Haemorrhage





Each week we’ll be asking and posting a question or a series of questions and relevant #FOAMed resources to assist answering them in part 1 of a blog entry. This is followed by a class room discussion session a week later to identify the latest and most current evidence based answers, which then will be posted as part 2 of the bolg.

Resources include and not limited to blogs, videocasts, podcasts and literature, which have been curated and identified as the best available in the #FOAMed world, relevant to the questions asked.

These Q & A blog entries will grow in number with time, and will be available for review and updates in the future.

Welcome to ROCCEM!

I’ve been a #FOAMed consumer for quite sometime now, and I have always wanted to be a contributor, but with the plethora of blogs, podcasts, video casts and the tens if not hundreds of fantastic emergency & critical care docs who are spending and have spent tremendous amount of effort, putting many hours into creating the world of #FOAMed as we know it today, it became quite challenging to even think about starting my own project!

But it took @srrezaie , @EM_Educator and the fantastic folks at “The international Teaching Course” in Baltimore, Maryland back in April of 2014  only one day to convince me that any body can do it and that it was worthwhile!

So, it begins here, and our mission is to bridge the gap between #FOAMed and emergency medicine residencies core curriculum, as we want to show our trainees when and how to break loose from all the constraints of classical teaching, as they embark into their future careers.

The ultimate goal is to create physicians who are capable of providing their patients with the most relevant, up-to-date & evidence based medical care.

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