ROCCEM Echo Intro.







We are glad to publish the first podcast in collaboration with Dr. Aref Malabarey (@3aaref), focusing on how and why should every emergency physician start incorporating echocardiography into his/her clinical assessments.

It is an invaluable tool that will change your way of thinking about so many clinical presentation and will definitely have great implications on managing some of your sickest patients.

So, stay tuned and remember: You will “ROCC’EM’!


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Under pressure!



Question 1: What is hyperbaric O2 therapy?

Question 2: What are the indications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Questions 3: What are the contraindications and complications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?


To help answer these questions check the following resources:


1) The Under see and Hyperbolic Medical Society. UHMS

2) The Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s systemic review.

3) A well prepared PowerPoint presentation available directly on Google search by GASTON DANA, D.O.


What works & what doesn’t in GI bleeds?


Question 1: What is the Evidence behind the use of NGT, PPI’s & Octreotide?

Question 2: When would you transfuse blood?

Question 3: When would you want to scope your patient?


To help answering these questions:

(1) NICE:

(2) NICE:

(3) How to Identify and Manage Massive Gastroesophageal Hemorrhage:


(4) SGEM#61: Blood on Blood (Transfusion Strategies for Upper GI Bleeds)

(5) Practical Evidence – Episode 5 – Upper GI Bleed Guidelines

(6) EMCrit Podcast 5 – Intubating the Critical GI Bleeder

(7) Thinking Critical –


(9) LITFL- EBM Upper GI Haemorrhage